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Helping Your Neighbors Has Never Been Easier!

For five years, SOS: Save Our Summer—Feed the Cape! has succeeded because of the generosity and goodwill of people like you.

For 2018, we’ve made exciting changes to surpass every record we’ve set. You don’t need to leave home, attend an event or bring anything to the Cape Coral Caring Center. Simply give:

All You Have To Do Is:

PUT your contact information below:

PACK up a Goodness-To-Go “picnic with a purpose:” Put food, baby supplies, toiletries and more—like a big fat check (made payable to Cape Coral Caring Center) or cash/gift cards in a blanket, box, bag or bundle.

PLACE it on your porch or near your front door in the shade on our designated Goodness-To-Go Day—Thursday, September 13, 2018.

And let us do the rest! You’ll receive an e-mail confirming we received your information and a reminder e-mail on September 12. We can’t confirm exact pickup times, so be sure to leave us any special instructions if you live in a gated community. Thank you for your support of our entire community!

You’re In Good Company With Us!

Companies, organizations and individuals who want to help SOS: Sustainable Outreach Society can do so right away:

1. By sharing this website with your entire organization

2. By writing a check, payable to Cape Coral Caring Center

3. By donating with a credit card—click the button below

Thank You To All Of Our Sponsors